Due to COVID-19, the studio is temporarily closed. Be well.


 Due to the heightened situation with Coronavirus(COVID-19), and acting in alignment with most school districts in Colorado and large national organizations, we have decided to close the studio temporarily.

We are very sorry for having to close when we know we provide such a healing and positive place for so many of you, a sanctuary and a place to thrive and progress, but we are being mindful and attentive to the needs and well being of all of you in this time of uncertainty, especially those who are most susceptible.

We want to thank you for your continued support, and we are also sending all of you and yours healing, protective vibes. Stay well friends....

Please enjoy the videos below to keep your core and back strong during this time. 

Bridges with January

Barre with Monique

Pilates Mat Back Extensions

Pilates Mat Abs

Mat Pilates Butt Busters

Mat Pilates with Adina

Mat Pilates with Adina 2