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Class Details and Schedule

Class Information

Beginner Reformer Pilates

  • Basic fundamental Pilates exercises for a whole-body workout
  • For people who are newer to Pilates and/or working on the Reformer
  • Learn safe and effective techniques while becoming a Pilates lover

Cardio Pilates

  • This class moves at a faster pace and has more challenging exercises take place on and off the Reformer
  • Increase your heart rate and sculpt your body at the same time
  • For individuals who are comfortable with Pilates and the Reformer

All Levels Reformer Pilates

  • Enhance your balance, flexibility, core, and sculpt lean muscles
  • For all levels – options for each exercise match your level of comfort and modification needs

Jump Board

  • Cardio-focused workout
  • 1/2 hour of jumping in all different positions
  • Entire body workout for individuals who are comfortable with the Reformer

Advanced Reformer Pilates

  • More difficult exercises, challenge your balance, at a faster pace
  • For individuals who have taken many Reformer classes and are comfortable with transitions on the Reformer and want to kick it up a notch

Rehab and Restore

  • Created to perfect body positions and improve your form
  • Teaches best practices to keep you from getting injured or heal pre- or post-surgery
  • Learn the purpose of each exercise, how to perform it correctly, how to modify it if needed, and when to avoid due to injury or limitations

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