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About The Studio of Unique Fitness

About Us

We’ve been a practicing Pilates Studio since 2001. The foundation of our studio combines the physical with the inner emotional and spiritual journey to heal and transform lives. By integrating body, breath and movement, we promote awareness of the inter dependency of all these aspects in personal health and well being.

At The Studio of Unique Fitness, we use our extensive training and in-depth understanding of the human body and psyche to teach and cultivate positivity and ensure our students leave feeling successful. Our clients have found our studio to be a familial sanctuary and always leave happy they came.

The Bess Method

January Bess Steward, “Jan,” founder of The Bess Method, spent years as a high level gymnast and champion bodybuilder. Fueled by the challenge of competitive sports, she struggled when her own body started failing her after developing several chronic illnesses from lupus to Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. Jan took her passion to a new level as she explored her own personal healing and transformation via classical Pilates training. She immediately loved the strength and core building inherent in Pilates, but felt something was missing. Personal empowerment, which is at the core of The Bess Method of Pilates, proved to be the crucial missing link in her own healing journey.

Traditional Pilates is very strict and inflexible. In the Bess Method of Pilates, we take the heart of core work from traditional Pilates, which is the critical foundation of the practice, but incorporate flexibility to meet people where they are physically. We accommodate all ages and fitness levels. Students of the Bess Method have regained their lives after chronic illnesses or injuries, not only through strength, but also through their emotional well being. The Bess Pilates method is based on positivity and encouragement, leaving its clients with a feeling of success, regardless of their fitness ability. Every session is adapted to meet the unique needs of each client.

Meet the Team

January Bess Steward

Studio Owner, Creator of the Bess Method

January was born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas. She currently lives in Elizabeth, Colorado and is married with 4 grown children and 4 grandchildren. Jan spent many of her younger years in the gym and competed as a high-level gymnast. She attended Oklahoma University, but her college athletic career was cut short when she sustained several injuries. She received her associate's degree and cosmetology license from Carteret Community College in Morehead City North Carolina in 1989. She worked as a cosmetologist for about 10 years.

Jan started her professional fitness career in 1992 when she fell in love with aerobics and started teaching. She had a successful journey as a bodybuilder and as a personal trainer. She was the aerobics coordinator for a private health club for 6 years in Fayetteville, Arkansas before moving to Denver in 1997 and worked as an Aerobics director/instructor for 24hr Fitness and began her study of Pilates. Jan moved to Denver in 1997 and worked as an Aerobics director and also began her study of Pilates.

Jan opened her own Pilates studio in 2001 and created her own specialized Pilates certification, The Bess Method. Jan couldn’t get competition out of her system and became a cheerleader at age 39! In fact, she met her husband while cheering. She worked with local high school students to prepare them for cheer tryouts and even had her own Allstar cheer team for a few years. This helped lead her back to her gymnastics roots. Jan then spent 13 years coaching both high school and club gymnastics teams. She currently places all her focus on teaching Pilates at her studio. Many of her instructors were once her gymnasts and this makes her very proud.

Jan finds purpose in helping others become stronger and healthier, and watching their pain diminish. She believes that movement heals and nourishes our body, mind and soul. Her passion for Pilates is reinforced day in and day out as she witnesses the transformative powers of the Bess Method. Jan has worked with people from all walks of life, including dancers, athletes, people with back, shoulder, hip, neck, knee & foot issues, the elderly, and people with neurological issues. Jan’s ultimate goal is to help people feel successful. When opening her studio, she was determined to make Pilates affordable, so more people could participate and experience the benefits. The Studio of Unique Fitness has become a thriving and successful Pilates business. Jan has a special “touch,” almost a healing superpower, when she works one on one with clients. Jan is passionate about educating others about the anatomy of the body and how it's supposed to work. Nothing is better than helping people become more self-empowered!

Jocelyn Wetherington

Pilates Instructor

Jocelyn grew up in Centennial Colorado. In her youth, she was always participating in athletics like gymnastics, cheerleading and dance. When these sports hit dead ends, she started taking Pilates classes with Jan to maintain strength and mobility. Shortly after, Jocelyn was invited to train to teach and earned the Bess Method Pilates Certificate. She has been teaching at the Studio of Unique Fitness for 10 years now!

Jocelyn’s greatest accomplishment is earning her BA in Mathematics and a Minor in Secondary Education from Metropolitan State University. Even though she no longer teaches math, she continues to work with youth and other athletes, teaching them aerial arts and gymnastics. Jocelyn continues to use her athletic experiences to provide positive and individualized instruction. She enjoys bringing unique styles and exercises to all of her classes.

Adina Halzel

Pilates Instructor

Adina was born in Columbus, Ohio and soon after, moved to Memphis, Tennessee. She has been in Denver, Colorado since age 9 and spent many of her younger years as a competitive gymnast. The combination of her love for gymnastics and her knowledge of the incredible potential of the human body led to her discovery of Pilates. At age 18, Adina completed her Bess Method Reformer Pilates teacher-training program. Adina went to the University of Colorado at Boulder and graduated with her Bachelor’s Degree in Integrative Physiology. She works as a PT Aide at Craig Hospital doing physical rehabilitation with people who have sustained traumatic brain injuries. Adina holds Continuing Education Credits and Certifications in numerous specialties, including Pre/Postnatal and Pelvic Floor Certification, Adaptive and Inclusive Fitness Certification, and her ACE Personal Trainer Certification.

Adina is truly inspired by how Pilates re-educates and heals the body. She strongly believes that Pilates has the power to transform lives. It is this conviction that made her fall in love with teaching Pilates. She enjoys working with people of all ages and fitness levels. She has experience working with stroke recovery, pre/postnatal care, and scoliosis clients. Since 2016, Adina has been dedicated to helping her clients achieve their goals. She brings compassion, positive energy, creativity, and attention to detail to each class and private session. She enjoys teaching both reformer and mat Pilates. She prides herself on making modifications that cater to each client’s needs and abilities. She places emphasis on functional movement patterns. Adina constantly deepens her knowledge of movement by participating in workshops, certifications, and webinars to keep apprised of current and trending techniques in the industry.

Mary Wilkinson

Pilates Instructor

Mary is passionate about Pilates and she loves to share that passion with others. She began taking Pilates classes in 2016, and she found that it helped to decrease the back pain which was brought on by an active job and exacerbated by being hypermobile. She gained strength in her postural muscles, her body awareness improved, and she just loved the way she felt after a class. She became Pilates Instructor certified in 2022. The ability to share her love of fitness and wellness, and to celebrate with students as they achieve their goals are among the many reasons why she enjoys teaching. She lives in Denver with her husband and a lovely German Shepherd named Koda.

A friend of mine kept telling me about a Pilates studio that was making a world of difference in her life. I tried it out and became instantly HOOKED! I feel stronger than I ever felt in my adult years. I have toned up and my core is amazing, all due to the Studio of Unique Fitness and their instruction. I feel there is a class meant for everyone, whatever your interest level or goal for yourself is. Amazing instructors who seem to truly care about you and your progress.

Marcia Rush

If you need and want to reevaluate your exercise regime, lifestyle, etc., get to this Pilates Studio. It is FUN, fast-paced, interesting, and a great place to learn and re-discover YOUR BEST BODY!! Thanks for getting me to work harder, be better, stronger and more flexible. You’ve GOT to get to these classes, you'll LOVE it!!

Amy Kops

This place is incredible. No matter your level of ability, you will get what you're needing. After a year with this studio, I'm strong, centered and a total devotee.

Jesse W

They know what needs help and makes you feel better, too. So thanks for over 20 years of stretches and work on my core! The Studio makes you feel renewed and not feel sore.

Gerre Shenki

Pilates at The Studio of Unique Fitness is a cross between a breath of fresh air and a fun butt-kicking workout! I have been doing reformer Pilates for about eight years and have worked out in a number of studios in different places. From the moment I walked in and saw the different colored reformers and the simply inspiring words at each station, I knew I had found the right place. That feeling only increased throughout the classes I’ve taken in the six months I have been working out at The Studio of Unique Fitness. From the variety of workouts to the level of intensity, this is the best workout I’ve had consistently in years. They are respectful of what you and your body can do while also pushing you to your limit in a way that helps you achieve your personal definition of exertion and success. So glad I found this studio!

Jessica Urbanski

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I wear to Pilates?

Comfortable and appropriate workout apparel that allows your body to move freely. No shoes; you can wear socks, grip socks, or be barefoot if you would like 

I’m new to Pilates, what is the best way to get started?

If you are new to Pilates, working with an injury or pain or unsure about jumping into a group class right away, we suggest our intro private offer. You get 3 privates and 2 classes for $230. This way you can learn the foundation and get a feel for the reformer and what Pilates is all about.

I'm new to Pilates and would like to join a group class. What class should I go to?

If you would like to jump right into a group class, we suggest taking our Level 1 Reformer class first. If you can’t find a Level 1 class that works for your schedule, please email us at and we will help you get started!

I’m new to The Studio of Unique Fitness, but not new to Pilates! What class is best for me?

If you are familiar with Pilates and the reformer but new to our studio, please feel free to jump into a class of your choice! Our leveled classes go (Level 1, All levels, then Advanced.) We can’t wait to teach you and get to know you!

How will Pilates help me?

Pilates is not only great for your core and overall strength but also brings you body awareness which will help you with everything you do!

Can I share a package with a family member?

Yes! We love when family members share packages at our studio!

I need to cancel my class. What is your cancellation policy?

We have a 24 hr cancellation policy. Any cancellation 24 hrs before your class, the credits will be deducted from your package as if you had attended.

For Unlimited monthly clients, you will be charged a $10 fee for a cancellation 24 hrs before class. 

We have 8 spots in each group class so every spot counts!

Why might someone choose to do a private session instead of attending a group class?

We will provide you with undivided attention, customize the exercises based on your specific strengths, weaknesses, and any physical limitations or injuries.

Private Pilates sessions offer an individually tailored workout utilizing the Reformer, Cadillac, and Chair.

Why might someone choose to do a Semi Private?

Fun and efficient way to cater a session to 2 individuals (mother-daughter, husband-wife, friends, etc.)

Is there a weight/height requirement/limit?

People of all shapes and sizes can do Pilates. The reformer can be adjusted to fit anyone.

Can seniors do Pilates?

ABSOLUTELY! We have a large senior clientele.